The ten coolest 1950s B movie aliens:


10. Earth vs. The Flying Saucers (Armor-encased geezers)

9. War of the Worlds (Slimy cyclopean slugs)

8. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (PODS!)

7. Target Earth (Boxy, beligerant robots)

6. It Came From Outer Space (Slithering, one-eyed xenomorphs)

5. Not of This Earth (Paul Birch as a silver-tongued, shade-wearing space-vampire)

4. Day the Earth Stood Still (Gort - 'nuff said)

3. It! The Terror From Beyond Space ('Crash' Corrigan in a Paul Blaisdell suit)

2. 20,000,000 Miles to Earth (Ray Harryhausen's animated Ymir)

1. The Thing (James Arness as a bloodthirsty, paramilitary carrot)