The ten best B movie poster blurbs


10. "See Frankenstein do the Twist with Miss Hollywood!" (House on Bare Mountain)

9. "Likely to upset your stomach!" (Mark of the Devil)

8. "The coolest monster shindig of chicks and chills!" (The Beach Girls and the Monster)

7. "Chained to the devil's love lab!" (Monstrosity)

6. "The only people who will not be sterilized with fear are those among you who are already dead!" (The Flesh Eaters)

5. "See teenage girls thrust into the weird, pulsating cage of horror!" (Teenage Zombies)

4. "The drifters, the hipsters, the hot sisters! Today's big jolt about the beatnik jungle!" (The Rebel Set)

3. "We cannot be responsible if you never sleep again!" (Blood Mania)

2. "In Flaming Hillbilly Color!" (Shotgun Wedding)

1. "Creeping, Crawling, Flesh-Eating Maggots!" (Flesh Feast)