The ten dumbest lines of B movie dialogue:


10. "The female brain is conditioned to a man's world and therefore takes orders where [the man's brain] didn't." (Frankenstein's Daughter)

9. "Not electronic spitballs -- atomic spitballs!" (The Giant Claw)

8. "At what point on the graph do must and cannot meet?" (Robot Monster)

7. "Next village angry! They want girl back! And that not all!" (Voodoo Woman)

6. "Inspector Clay's dead -- murdered -- and somebody's responsible!" (Plan 9 From Outer Space)

5. "Go bingle your bongle!" (Girls Town)

4. "You have a very un-salt-like, non-metallic effect on me!" (The Land Unknown)

3. "You've a civil tongue in your head. I sewed it back myself!" (Teenage Frankenstein)

2. "It sounds like something big walking in mud!" (Horror of Party Beach)

1. "Pull the string!" (Glen or Glenda?)