The top ten B sci fi movie he-men:


10. Forrest Tucker (The Crawling Eye, The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas)

9. Jeff Morrow (Kronos, The Giant Claw, This Island Earth, The Creature Walks Among Us)

8. Ed Kemmer (Giant From the Unkown, Earth vs. the Spider)

7. Peter Graves (It Conquered the World, Killers From Space, Beginning of the End)

6. Rex Reason (This Island Earth)

5. Arthur Franz (Invaders From Mars, Monster on the Campus)

4. Richard Carlson (Creature From the Black Lagoon, It Came From Outer Space)

3. Robert Clarke (Hideous Sun Demon, Man From Planet X)

2. John Agar (Brain From Planet Arous, Revenge of the Creature, The Mole People)

1. Richard Denning (Creature From the Black Lagoon, Target Earth, Day the World Ended, Creature with the Atom Brain)