The ten most menacing B movie maniacs:


10. Martin Kosleck (Flesh Eaters, House of Horrors)

9. Peter Lorre (Beast With Five Fingers, Mad Love, M)

8. George Zucco (Voodoo Man, The Mad Ghoul)

7. John Carradine (The Unearthly, Bluebeard, Revenge of the Zombies)

6. Rondo Hatton (The Brute Man, Pearl of Death, House of Horrors)

5. Boris Karloff (The Black Cat, Before I Hang, The Devil Commands)

4. Bela Lugosi (White Zombie, Voodoo Man, Devil Bat)

3. Victor Buono (The Strangler, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?)

2. Basil Rathbone (Love From a Stranger, The Black Sleep)

1. Lionel Atwill (The Vampire Bat, Mystery of the Wax Museum, Murders in the Zoo)